Jimisan Sushi Bistro

Treat your taste buds to Jimisan's delights

There's never been a better time to eat the best Sushi of your life. Jimisan's Sushi Bistro, in San Francisco's Inner Sunset district, is a meal to be remembered to say the least.

Just look at these mouth watering creations!

Nori-wrap Ahi Tuna

Pink Lady Roll

Beef Tataki

Hamachi Nigiri

Assorted Sushi

Check out what your neighbors are saying! From Yelp:

Darryl P.
Sacramento, CA

I found a gem of a sushi restaurant! The decor was nice and simple! The waiter was really nice and was very knowledgeable. We ordered a hamachi kama to start things off. It was perfectly seasoned and cooked! Then we ordered an order of the freshest uni that I have ever had in my life! We also ordered some ikura, hamachi toro, sake, sea scallop, and a few other nigiri. He also recommended us to try the sea trout sashimi. It was out of sight!

Jim S.
San Francisco, CA

By far the best Sushi joint in the City, and I've tried them all. Jimisan's provides fantastic, fresh food for an average price. Jimi and his other Sushi Chef are ARTISTS. They create some of the most amazing flavors I've ever had.

Kevin K.
Pleasant Hill, CA

Its always fresh at Jimisan's. Straight from the ocean fresh, we had Maguro, Ocean Trout, Hamachi Kama, Hamachi Toro, Aburdi and about 8 servings of Uni...Amazing as always. If you have'nt been you gotta go.

Join the thousands of people who's taste buds will never be the same after enjoying a meal at Jimisan's. It's so amasing, you'll have to try it yourself to believe it!